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The Moretti Brothers: Santino


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No Witnesses. No Outsiders. No feelings 

I couldn’t tell you how I ended up in this situation. Maybe it was carelessness, maybe it was naïveté, but here I was, working for the mob. When I moved to New York City to pursue my dream of singing, I didn’t plan on getting myself involved with one of the most influential organized crime families in the country, but when you witness a mob hit there are only two choices: do what they say or get your affairs in order.

When I was called to tend to an issue that arose in my club, I wasn’t happy. No one likes being interrupted in the middle of the night. But when the interruption turned out to be the most beautiful woman I had ever seen, my entire life changed. From the moment I saw her, I knew she would be mine.


The Moretti Brothers: Carmine


Carmine Cover

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No strangers. No booze. No trouble.

After finding out the family was under investigation, all eyes were on my not so good ways. For the family’s sake, I laid low, drank less, and avoided trouble. At least until trouble crashed into my life, spilling a full tray of drinks on my expensive suit, and stirring my heart alive.

Isabella was my stranger, my trouble, my addiction. Her eyes captivated me from the very first moment. They stripped me of power, money, and mafia, and only saw a man. She didn’t fear me, or the things I could do to her, but it was like we knew each other from somewhere. Little did I know, Isabella had been studying me long before she walked into the club. She had hours upon hours of learning about my family—about me.

The girl with the familiar eyes was an undercover cop, looking to take my family down. Now, my family is on me for welcoming her into my world. Yet I’m still blinded by my love for her, and the secrets her family left behind.


The Moretti Brothers: Johnny


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Secrets end in broken hearts.

I’ve never considered myself lucky, until my shitty life landed me in the lap of the Moretti family. Little did I know that while I stripped the birthday boy of his reservations on stage, one Moretti’s life was ending.

The death of the Don changed Johnny—made him reckless and wild. There were times where I thought he wouldn’t make it back to me alive, but he did. It took him a few years and a nearly fatal encounter to change his ways, but now, he is ready to settle down.

But I’m not. There’s another life stopping me from embracing true love. One that Johnny may not be able to forgive.


His Broken Angel


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Is there ever a way to move forward when you feel like you have nothing to move toward? How do you move on when the one person that meant everything to you is gone forever?

At 23, I was on top of the world. I was finishing up my master’s degree, Matthew, my high-school sweetheart, and fiancé is weeks away from separating from the Marine Corps for good, and, in a few short months, we would be celebrating our honeymoon. Everything in my life was straight out of a fairy tale, until a tragic day that turned my world upside down.

Although I made a promise to Matt that no matter what happened, I would move on, it was easier said than done. It took months before I found the strength to begin to piece my life back together, and an unexpected man I met at a benefit for fallen heroes gave me the spark I needed to get my life back on track.


I blamed myself for months. As his sergeant, I should have been able to stop him. Moreover, I should have kept my promise to look after the love of his life.

I was the classic, stoic Marine. After an explosion killed one of my best friends, Matt, in Afghanistan, and left with me scars from war and a promise to my friend that I would take care of his fiancé. After a grueling year recovering from my injuries, I knew I had to make good on his promise. I never expected to fall in love with Angelina, but after meeting her, I knew I couldn’t live another day without her. My guilt over falling in love with his fiancé and the promise I made could prove too much for me to bear.


More Than Friends

A Second Chance, Friends to Lovers Romance


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There’s one rule to friendship: be present. I royally messed that up.

Eight years ago, I met the man of my dreams, and he convinced me to leave my small town and the people I loved behind, including my best friend. I thought my sacrifice would result in a beautiful life with kids and happiness, but I was so wrong.

Lies, deception, infidelity. That’s what the rich and powerful are good at, and it’s taken me way too long to realize the truth. Now, I’m heading back home, broke and broken, and scared to start fresh.

If I could only pick up where my heart left off—in my best friend’s hands—life would be easier. But Rob hates me and wants his son nowhere near me. I abandoned him through his toughest moments, and I have a long way to go if I ever want him to be more than friends.


The Wright Choice

New Adult Cinderella retelling

Gabriella dreamed of a wedding in Italy with the guy she had crushed on for years, and it was all coming true. For her step-sister.

Faced with the heartbreak, Gabriella silently deals with losing her childhood dream in front of the ones who snatched it from her. While she wades through her sister’s fairy tale, trying to stay afloat in tears, she catches the attention of Mr. Wright.

Ashton is forced to attend all the wedding festivities out of familial obligation, but Gabriella changes his perspective. He gets to see her if he shows up, and that’s motive enough. Getting her to fall in love with him is a bonus.

It isn’t long until Gabriella realizes she had made the right choice in falling in love, but she had made it with the wrong guy.

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